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What Does My Dream Mean? or What is my dream meaning? If you had a dream recently and want to share it. Our group of psychologists will analyze and comment its meaning and the relation with the reality. Once the analysis will be completed and published, you will receive an email with all the details of the result. Please, note that your dream will be published on our website to help our users who dream the same dream.

Dreams Analysis

The famous psychoanalyst and philosopher Sigmund Freud invested many years of his research in analyzing the meaning of dreams. Freud proposes that the value of dream analysis lies in the revelation of the subconscious activity of the mind. Freud considers that every dream is interpretable, that is, its meaning can be found. To be able to analyze what you have dreamed, you need a paper, a pen and remember well the content of the dream. Write down what you have dreamed of as soon as you get up since with the passage of time we forget. It is also important to write down how we have felt during sleep if we have felt joyful, fearful, if we have been disgusted or other feelings.

One of Freud's most important discoveries is that emotions buried in the subconscious surface rise to the conscious surface during dreams, and that remembering fragments of dreams can help uncover buried emotions and memories. The task of interpreting does not fall on the whole dream as a whole but on its component parts based on a kind of book of dreams, where each dreamed thing means such something else in a rigid way, without considering the peculiarity of each subject.