Dreams Meaning

Find out yours interpretation now here in our web. Dreams are very important messages for people, it can refer to missing something or all is OK with you. Knowing the meaning and causes of dreams could be a big help to take important decisions, a warning to stop doing something, or an advice. The correctly interpretation of dream's meaning allows to solve very difficult problems. Dream Meaning web site will help you to understand the meaning of your dreams with more than 30 000 dream symbols.

Analysis and Interpretation

What does it mean when we dream?

La signification des rêves diffère pour chaque culture ou chaque personne selon le type de rêve et les éléments qui s'y rapportent. Ce sont des manifestations de l'inconscient basées sur votre personnalité, vos désirs réprimés, vos peurs, vos frustrations ou tout autre inconvénient que nous voyons au quotidien.

Have you had a recent dream that you want to interpret? Why do we dream? What is the cause of dreams? Do you have a dream that is repeated many times and are you interested in knowing its meaning? Curious to know what those weird or frightening things you dream of from time to time mean? Can we control them? What is its meaning? They are a source of continuing mystery to scientists and psychologists.

Dreams meaning

The interpretation of dream is a practice proposed by Sigmund Freud to make the thoughts, memories, and desires of the unconscious conscious, and thus, to know ourselves better. The objective of this section is to provide information on the different meanings of dreams, how to interpret the content of dreams and answer questions such as: what it means to dream that you fall out of a tooth, what does it mean to dream of spiders, what is the meaning of dreaming of snakes, the meaning of dreaming that you are pregnant, and much more.

Dreams are a universal human experience that can be described as a state of consciousness characterized by sensory, cognitive, and emotional events during sleep.The person who is dreaming has less control over content, visual images, and memory activation.

We dream each night, only we don't usually remember it. Thanks to numerous investigations carried out over the years, we know that most of the time dreams have to do with experiences that we have already lived, with repressed desires, with possible fears (and even traumas, eye) or with worries that haunt our heads during the day. We all have at least 4 dreams a night, sometimes more. If we do not remember it is because our sleep is very deep. There are problems or situations of which we are not aware and instead our subconscious is. Through dreams, we can reach such unconscious situations.

What are dreams?

Every night he prepares to rest. He rests his head on the pillow, closes his eyes, and begins a journey in himself, lying there on his bed. You may see strange figures, familiar people, or incredible situations that you wish happened or that you had never imagined. Hopefully, the next day will be remembered so you can tell it. This is the world of dreams, an area that has been studied by psychology, neuroscience, and other branches of medicine to understand what we see while we sleep.

Origin of dreams: There are many theories about the origin of dreams, and some have to do with: The representation of the desires and longings of our unconscious. The interpretation of different signals from the body and brain during sleep. The consolidation and processing of the information we have received during the day.

There is no cognitive state that has been so studied and yet so misunderstood, like dreams. Dreams are studied from two perspectives: that of neuroscience that has to do with the structures and physiological processes related to this activity, the organization of dreams and what we dream; in addition to that of psychology that focuses on the meaning of dreams and their relationship with the context of the person who dreams.There are significant differences between neuroscientific and psychoanalytic approaches to dream analysis. Dreams are a physiological need, which our brain must eliminate tensions and rest.


There are several theories as to why we dream. Are dreams simply part of the sleep cycle or do they serve some other purpose? Dreams are stories and images that our mind creates while we sleep. They can be entertaining, funny, romantic, disturbing, scary, and sometimes very strange. The interpretation of dreams is very interesting. To analyze your dream, check out our free virtual dream dictionary where you will find the interpretation of all kinds of dream situations.

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