Flying Dream Meaning

Flying in your Dreams

To flying in a dream is an event very common, but super strong and impressive for the spaces or void that it makes feel. To dream of flying symbolizes speed, risks and change total and absolute in a spontaneous way. If you dream of flying on the buildings of a great city you will take calmly and wisdom some changes in the house this week. Dreaming of flying on the trees of a great forest seeks advice lucidity when deciding a complex event in your work.

These types of dreams are usually related to the desire to feel freedom in life, not necessarily meaning that you are trapped, but rather related to the need to live new experiences and to seek happiness and new horizons. To dream that you take off from the ground on your own impulse and float around is a common dream. It's common for us to hear people talk about the freedom that birds have because they take flight and go where they want. In this way, one of the possible explanations for what it means to dream of flying is the longing to be free.

Although dreaming of flying like a bird may seem like a pleasant experience, this type of dream can also make us feel negative emotions such as that constant fear of falling that in dreams can even resemble reality. This type of dream is usually associated with the fear of failure and denotes a certain personal insecurity, a series of fears that our subconscious expresses through that fear of falling.

Dreaming that you fly with your partner is a sign of abundance and gratitude to be able to share your life with that partner. It can also mean that you are at your best and ready to jump right into a next step in your relationship.

To dream that you are flying and suddenly you begin to fall, means that you have suffered a sudden change in life, or that you have set yourself too high limits. Try to be more objective with your abilities and be careful to avoid situations that may disturb your freedom. If you dream that you fly through the universe, that you float in the middle of the void between the stars, it indicates that you are looking for your own place in the world: a job that satisfies you, a partner that makes you feel complete. It means that you are very demanding of yourself. Dreaming that you fly on top of a broom, just as witches or Harry Potter do, is also associated with the need to have control over situations.

However, this dream represents a decision, a measure or a sentimental very strong election that it will make you feel free and without responsibilities. It won't eliminate it the nostalgia or the sadness for something or somebody that was a permanent company of you.

Dreaming of flying in any of its variants has to do with that search for freedom and happiness, but when we dream of flying low or flying flush with the ground, in the same dream we can intuit that there is a certain danger.

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