Feathers Dream Meaning

Feathers in your Dreams

To dream of a feather symbolizes persuasion or your potential. Convictions that inspire you, make you fancy flexibility, or investment you in needing to do something astounding. You may be astounded at what another person has accomplished or need to emulate their example. Knowing you can do something on the off chance that you need to. Be that as it may a feather might likewise propose something that is moved by every small puff of wind, each passing change a feather blowing in the wind.

Consider the shade and sort of flying creature for extra symbolism. Blue feathers would speak to positive impulse. Red feathers speak to negative inspiratory or understanding your capability to be tricky or furious. White feather, once in a while it is an image of accomplishment as a feather in your top.

This may connect with the feathered creature from which it came. It would hence be diverse in the event that it were a chicken feather or a falcon feather. In numerous societies feathers speak to the quality or excellence of the flying creature from which they come. So a falcon feather would speak to quality, pride, furious defense, otherworldly understanding and so on.; a peacock may speak to magnificence, self glorification. So a feather may mean you have attained to the quality it portrays.

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