Caramel Dream Meaning

Caramel in your Dreams

To dream of the caramel suggests that there is an idyllic situation in your life that something very obliging or stimulant is about to make you feel as flying or ecstasy. The caramel symbolizes to have of happiness and pleasure something very common or simple. If you dream of the caramel that wraps an apple you will be able to know a person, place or thing that it will give you energy to be connected appropriately with your dharma. Dreaming of the caramel that accompanies a dessert as the flan is omened the arrival you of something that will give you a lot of happiness but that it cannot retire easily.

Actually, this dream offers a message of the unconscious that stimulates or it advances the encounter with a place with special powers. It is as being in the preparation of a jump in the life or a change in your purpose in the life.

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