Traffic Lights Dream Meaning

Traffic Lights in your Dreams

To dream of the traffic lights represents to control, to facilitate or to give progress to people before chaotic or complex situations. The traffic lights symbolize a sign toward the advance or the continuous prosperity of an individual or an entity. If you dream of the traffic lights in a city during the night you will be able to control your finances with ability to make progress the family patrimony starting from now. Dreaming of the traffic lights in a crossroad during the sunrise is omened magnificent and prosperous days for your company with the opening of your office in Europe.

Even, the traffic lights alert with the color of light that prevails the advance, the change or the stop of the steps of the present and future life. Hence, the green light advises to advance before the difficulties, the red one to think all decision and the yellow one to wait an unexpected change in the markets, in the customers or of the colleagues.

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