Northern Lights Dream Meaning

Northern Lights in your Dreams

To dream of the Northern Lights symbolizes to acquire juvenile force, to renovate the energy, and the vitality. The Northern Lights symbolize for the culture Maoris an important sign of life, love and prosperous fishing. Hence, if you dream of the Northern Lights from the islands Auckland you will receive stimulating news that will make you feel much younger in your ideas and physically.

Likewise, dreaming of the Northern Lights through a trip in an old ship whaler it visit is omened a visited to Spa given by a great friend that you will renovate your energies after years without to take a rest. Also, the dream of the Northern Lights in an Antarctic base or station it communicates you a love affair encounter where you will show an amazing vitality.

Generally, to dream of the Northern Lights projects positive themes and pleasure to the person that will enjoy it in the near future. If the sea is very evident in your dream it is alert on a new relationship or situation that you will face or will enjoy. Then, it is not allowed to take for comments and only observe. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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