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It is pleasure to Dream Meaning portal to maintain contact with all users. You can use our contact form to send us general inquiries or to report any problems detected the website.

If you note that we forget a dreams symbol in our dictionary, please contact us, we will review it and add it as soon as possible. We strive to keep it updated, but some help in this direction is very valuable.

Your requests of dreams interpretation sent by this way could be assessed by our team of psychologists, but it can be ignored if your dream content is of no value to our research. In order to send your dreams we recommend to use the link "Analyze my Dream" in our main menu.

If you for some reason believe that our site violates your Property Rights or Copyright, Please first check the related terms with these issues in our DMCA policy

Prepare all the legal information and sending it to us. We do not attend requests in this regard that are not accompanied by the correct documentation.

For any other matter related to the website that you considers it important can use this contact form too.

Please give us a 3 working days to respond you, in many times we will respond as soon as possible according to demand.

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