13 Number Dream Meaning

13 Number in your Dreams

The 13 number in the dream are symbolic of the confrontation, of the strong contact with the definitive and total luck and even with the chaos. To dream of the forced premonitions with this number need of a lot of observation in each state of the moon, of Monday or of Friday and even in a certain floor of a building or hotel. Dreaming of the 13 number that it names a street or floor of a building is alerted to be very attention to any strange matter that you will avoid. If you dream of the 13 number marked in the glass of a window you will never know the origin of a brief and quick problem that it happened in your work position.

Actually, the dream about the 13 number possess a premonitory enormous force, as much for the positive thing as for the negative thing. You should not face these omens or problems to avoid something experience unpleasant or difficult of interpreting.

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