69 Number Dream Meaning

69 Number in your Dreams

The 69 number in a dream represent darkness of a matter, near aggression or accidental manifestation of a conflict. Hence, to dream of the 69 number on a birthday cake reminds check the list of homage of the circle of family or of friends right now. Also, if you dream of the 69 number located in the text of graffiti painted in a wall of the street you will take the measures to avoid an aggression or an accident on behalf of another person and where you won't be the guilty party; be careful. Dreaming of the 69 number engraving in the sand of a beach is pointed out not to be allowed to confuse for a false alarm; don't believe in cock-and-bull story.

Actually, the biggest risk in this dream is that you have not had it at the moment in bill and a situation or accidental it surprises you. If it is this way, maintain the stability and convert the negative situation in a stabilizing opportunity of your life.

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