Alice in Wonderland Dream Meaning

Alice in Wonderland in your Dreams

Dreaming of Alicia in Wonderland next to the Queen of Hearts in your back yard is indicated the arrival of something violent and deceiving that could damage your life. On the other hand, Alicia in Wonderland means a warning to escape from the hard and cruel reality or the desire of changing something of the routine of the life. If you dream of Alicia in Wonderland pursuing the White Rabbit for your neighborhood you will enjoy a loving affair incredible very soon. To dream of Alicia in Wonderland represents to have the cold head before the accidental thing or that it ignored.

Thus, the dream about Alicia in Wonderland means to have the help of the Universe before matters, things or people of doubtful appearance. So, it is an important premonition in moments of making some decision, of to abandon or to take something in your life.

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