Anima / Animus Dream Meaning

Anima / Animus in your Dreams

The anima and the animus are terms that describe the identity opposed and comparative in each human being according to their sex and that in many occasions they are manifested in a dream. This way, if you dream of the anima of a witch very evil you will be able to recognize the value negative of the Eros that rejects of all women your masculine identity. On the other hand, to dream of an animus of a prince very beautiful means the positive values that your feminine personality idealizes or it looks for in each real man to diary. Dreaming of this psychological link is symbolized the tallies of the human unconscious that they cohabit with the features peculiar of a person.

At the same time, this dream can collaborate in the knowledge of the identity opposed to your sex that considers like model in yourself. It is a complex but very useful premonition to be an assistant that describes and identifies your more unknown antagonists.

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