Anniversary Dream Meaning

Anniversary in your Dreams

To dream of an anniversary can symbolize several things depending on the anniversary type and the context of the dream. So, an anniversary symbolizes to remember a pleasant or unpleasant date, an unforgettable or unpleasant moment, as well as the obtaining or the lost of something important for your life. If you dream of an anniversary of wedding enjoyed between friends and colleagues you will be able to carry out a magnificent party to celebrate the work of the last semester. Dreaming of an anniversary of the loss of a friend in an accident is omened nostalgia and tensions by the absence important and dear of this partner during several days.

At times, the dream about an anniversary is related with last facts of love, of infidelity or of conflicts happened. In this case it could originate negative premonitions that will limit the dedication of your work or the fidelity of your colleagues with the good work in group.

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