Anorexia Dream Meaning

Anorexia in your Dreams

Dreaming of the anorexia that a person suffers is expressed the loss, the abandonment or the suffering that it is suffered when being damaged the self-esteem or the willpower. The the anorexia means to learn how to value something without damaging your health or your life. If you dream of the anorexia that a youth suffers to stay in the weight like a model you should preserve firm in obtain something very difficult but without losing anything of her self-esteem. Dreaming of the anorexia that has damaged an athlete to stay in their corporal weight is expressed a depressive sharp state by the loss of a work place that you wanted.

In fact, this dream demonstrates your resistance to the situations tense them or complex that accompany to the society current. This way, accept the things like they are maintaining your will very firm and you don't stop in anything negative.

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