Ants Dream Meaning

Ants in your Dreams

To see ants in a dream insinuates dissatisfaction with your work currentor a situation difficult to solve in your work or family for excess of responsibilities or of activities. The ants symbolize permanent work, resistance to all problem or high specialization in the task daily. If you dream of the ants on the table of your dining room transferring foods you should check the bills of payments of your family to detect the correct liquidation and not to have debts today. Dreaming of the ants on your worktable transferring documents is omened a complex situation in your company that could damage your prestige and that of your business quickly.

Finally, to dream of the ants needs to observe or to remember their development very well to see if their premonitions are positive or negative. It could alert of a future coalition of your company in an unexpected way and without you to know it consciously.

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