Apocalypse Dream Meaning

Apocalypse in your Dreams

To dream of the Apocalypse represents something that will demand a decision or a deep judgment on a fact or conflict interior that it has remained quiet during years. The Apocalypse symbolizes testing, revelation or valuation of something very mystic that it has been experienced personally. If you dream of the Apocalypse and the four messengers of penuries or misfortunes you should interpret and to criticize very well the reasoning of your boss with relationship to some colleagues of the company. Dreaming of the Apocalypse and the lamb of life is omened a proposal of a cousin that will request you something very familiar that you will accept pleased.

Repeatedly, this type of dream motivates worries and judgment for bad interpretations that they should be erased of the mind forever. The search of the good and the love is the real and solid premonition of this dream full of the force of the Universe.

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