Apostate Dream Meaning

Apostate in your Dreams

To dream of an apostate represents the negation or the change of a fact, an action or a position in the social or in the individual, as well as in the political, the religious or in the labor. An apostate symbolizes the heterodox, the flexible or the lack of commitment of somebody. If you dream of an apostate that burns the flag of their party, nation or organization you should be attentive to the change of behavior of a well-known person with you. Dreaming of an apostate that burns the texts, documents and books of their religion seeks advice not to be very talkative with those colleagues that are contradictory in their behavior toward your company.

In any event, this type of dream can provoke in you doubt, questions or contradictory feelings since somebody or something was a thing and now it is another. Also, this can warn on damages to the loyalty, the commitment or the honesty among the relatives, friends or colleagues.

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