Arm Wrestling Dream Meaning

Arm Wrestling in your Dreams

To dream of arm wrestling expresses desires to conquer, to be imposed before the difficulties, to enjoy your leisure time and to leave ok all test of the life. If you dream of arm wrestling with friends and family you will feel the absence of very dear people during the whole year.

Also, dreaming of arm wrestling with well-known people you will face a managerial strong competition inside your company soon. When the dream of arm wrestling is on the table of the dining room of your house it alerts you of superficial discussions on domestic topics that have been not well managed by you in the home recently. This type of dream advises you hold one´s horses with family and friends.

Enjoy your life and so easy.Actually, to dream of arm wrestling omens uncomfortable fight with somebody or something that you don't know well and you don't know how to confront. In this sense, don't fool around and don´t believe in cock-and-bull story.

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