Armageddon Dream Meaning

Armageddon in your Dreams

To dream of Armageddon means a radical change, not repeated and renovating in many matters of the life, but in particular in the behavior with the nature or with the fellow-being. It is sometimes linked with something very wanted or ordered that it will renovate your interior world or your social status. If you dream of Armageddon happening in the whole planet earth with floods you will be able to restart the life when beginning to live in another house and in new work very soon. Dreaming of Armageddon that is observed by the window of your house with fire balls that fall of the sky is expressed the proximity of a better of the neighborhood so much in the illumination, in the treatment of the waters and in other important services.

Usually, this type of dream allows to change or to improve the life of people but always accompanied by strange situations, not common or mystics. It is something very similar to be considered an elect that is far from the constant chaos and selected to a world of permanent abundance.

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