Bad Dream Meaning

Bad in your Dreams

Dreaming of something bad it is omened that it should strengthen your interior to control your possible doubts or low self-esteem during your state of daily conscience. The bad thing in a dream symbolizes that you are terrified in the face of a possible change of your personality by economic pressures or for high responsibilities. If bad dreams of somebody it means a false solution of problems that you become serious and insoluble conflicts later on. To dream of something bad expresses a difficult and cruel image at the present time; even, it could be an unbearable nightmare or an answer to a critical emotional state.

Usually, the dream about the bad thing means the loss of your intelligence, of your memory or of the control of your physiologic necessities that is not completely certain. In occasions, this dream expresses the shame or the individual's rejection of having family with pathological behaviors or physical and mental defects, with which you don't want to cohabit.

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