Barcode Dream Meaning

Barcode in your Dreams

To dream of a barcode expresses activation of commercial, legal processes or conflicts in solution roads, control on your finances, material goods and patrimony. A barcode possesses a very particular and world symbolism. It is one of the signs of the process of globalization currently.

Dreaming of a barcode is omened necessity of a strong control of the accounting and the finances right now or it happen the dream so soon. Check if you have violated or there is unfulfilled with IRS or with the local taxes. If you dream of a barcode on your desk you will receive a notification congratulating as good taxpayer. Hold on, don't be trusted. Keep your eye on the ball.

Finally, to dream of a barcode provides advice and helps for your business. If you is in some litigation it will be solved shortly. If you is negotiating a contract it will be signed without difficulties in some days. Be wise and happy. Have a good day.

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