Bedfellows Dream Meaning

Bedfellows in your Dreams

To dream of bedfellows or a group of people that share your necessities, efforts and work implies to be an all only one with that group of individuals. The bedfellows symbolize unit, security and common effort to obtain high and clean ends. If you dream of bedfellows that live in your own neighborhood, city and country you will feel a calm and pretty security in your work and family currently. Dreaming of bedfellows that live distant of your home in other cities, county, parish or country is expressed insecurity in to maintain your work and of the way of life that you have had up to now.

Generally, your own person will discover the importance of this dream that alerts the quality of sharing yours private and public things. It could include the company in your bed and the sexual but also much more matters as the fidelity and the trust in other people that can be identified as your bedfellows forever.

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