Bikini Dream Meaning

Bikini in your Dreams

To dream of a bikini represents relaxation, amazing surprise, full amusement, nostalgia or necessity of serenity and relaxation. The bikini symbolizes desire of enjoyment, salvation or desire of shining well. Hence, if you dream of a bikini that you enjoy in a beach or on a yacht you will receive an invitation to visit a thematic park as Disney World or a beach in Caribbean.

Likewise, if you dream of a bikini with a daring design you will be accepted as model by means of a new and unexpected friend. Dreaming of a bikini of incredible design it is omened the visit from an old and dear friendship to your house.

On the other hand, to dream of a bikini that is placed on your bed it expressed your desires and necessity of enjoying your leisure time appropriately. Cool easy, not everything is hard work and bills. When you dreams of a bikini it will feel whenever yourr youth is intact.

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