Binder Dream Meaning

Binder in your Dreams

To see a binder of documents closed in a dream represents the information that is inaccessible for you today and that very soon it will be able to know. To dream of a binder of documents symbolizes a receipt or protection provisional that it will show their nature because you or somebody wants it to know or to study. If you dream of a binder of documents covered in skin of blue dark color you will be able to know the reasons of the behavior not common of some relatives in the face of a property of your parents. Dreaming of a binder of documents plastic and transparent it is omened the materialization of a personal desire through a correct valuation of a topic or situation in your company.

Moreover, this type of dream means protection or care of something very valuable and that it should provisionally be preserved. Of seeing you open a binder of documents is predicted the popularization or confirmation of something very kept by you or for the family.

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