Bisexuality Dream Meaning

Bisexuality in your Dreams

Freud was a great defender of the bisexuality of all the people, for what to dream of it today it isn´t surprise or unanimous rejection as decades ago. The bisexuality symbolizes something millennial, old and full with prejudices still today for the sexual orientation of some or other people. If you dream of the bisexuality of some people that they are loved in a park you won't be surprised of a loving relationship between three or more people of both sexes in your community. Dreaming of the bisexuality of some people of the same sex that they are loved is expressed the content or the romantic pleasure contrary to this sexual preference of the dreamer.

On the other hand, this dream for the prejudice level that still subsists is not frequently commented in public. The premonitions linked to this dream always are not related with futures or possible romances or love affair related with this sexual orientation.

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