Black Magic Dream Meaning

Black Magic in your Dreams

To experience the black magic in a dream it omens to carry out something almost impossible or to transform an unfavorable situation in positive to you. The black magic symbolizes complex matters and non common seen in the daily life. If you dream of the black magic practiced by a Celtic or Goth witchdoctor inside your office you should check the decisions taken by you last week; particularly, stop in everything that that seems strange or not very common and rectify it. Dreaming of the black magic carried out by a native Navajo in front of the door of your house is advised to take a break of one week and to carry out a medical general checkup; if a while ago that you not check this it should be urgent.

Really, the black magic it alerts and notices. Don't worry and occupy of your things or matters with this type of dream. Forget of dangerous or dark path; donĀ“t call the danger; looks for and solve; request and will be granted.

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