Blankness Dream Meaning

Blankness in your Dreams

To dream of blankness in a certain place means the absence of something valuable, necessary or indispensable in your daily life. A blankness represents the possibility to train and to reach something by means of your own effort. If you dreams of blankness in a closet of your bedroom you should check how are the things inside your house related with the affection, the communication, the expenses and the payments. Dreaming of blankness in a cabinet of your office or workshop is omened fear or concern on some difficulties in your business and its possible closing.

Currently, this dream is related with the loss of work, with the cut of some basic service to your house or the impossibility of paying your credits to the bank. It is a premonition that could be considered negative if you donĀ“t worry to maintain the control of your matters and you don't increase the savings.

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