Bloated Dream Meaning

Bloated in your Dreams

To feel bloated in a dream symbolizes heaviness, annoyance, stress or very busy to be working too much and overloaded. To dream of the nuisance of being bloated it represents to have assumed a lot of responsibility or additional a lot of work lately without having free moments or calm contact with your family. Dreaming of feeling bloated after having eaten too much is omened some days full with difficulties and errors in the work. If you dream of feeling bloated after having drunk beer without control you won't have the help that you requested to a relative that will allow paying the rent of your house.

Of course, the dream about this situation suggests bad digestion or incorrect habits of meal provoking nightmares and negative omens. However, if in the dream you see unknown people or it is a strange place you should avoid accidents or damages to your quality of life.

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