Body Parts Dream Meaning

Body Parts in your Dreams

Each body can be interpreted in two different ways based in its biological subtract or spiritual aspect. Dreaming about parts of the human body may imply worries related to the missing part or its function in the body. Dreaming about parts that have motor functions may indicate the fear of losing the independence you had at that moment and also the support that other people can bring to us making decisions in different situations and when we don't know where we are heading. To dream about parts that are separated suggests that the person behaves differently from the way we do or the way we consider as normal. This person does not consider the value of the inseparable and unique relationship of the human being with his society. They are people who likes to be alone, and they don't enjoy socializing .There are extreme cases of people who don't go out because they don't like city noise, many of them suffer from panic attacks. Each part of the body can be interpreted differently. Dreaming of head could be related to the power of rationality and the search of constant control so the brain is the part that allows giving a coherent sense and a task for life revitalizing every situation we are facing according to your needs and desires. To dream of separated parts of the body is something that we can't explain why it happens but it indicates implicatively that there are unconscious contents that exist inside us, like in the case of aggressive behaviors that are expressed when we dream of teeth, but it necessarily is related to a constant that shows feelings of aggressiveness a dream where are fights or offensive verbalizations, it varies according to each individual.

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