Breathalyzer Test Dream Meaning

Breathalyzer Test in your Dreams

To dream of a breathalyzer test represents the violation of a norm or established regulation, as well as the easiness for something missing or out of order. This kind of dream expresses easiness essentially.

Hence, if you dream of a breathalyzer test it carry out with you in the street you will have an appointment to a legal meeting for a problem happened in your company during your shift work. If the dream of a breathalyzer test is developed in a closed local as in police's station you will face a complicated sue. So, don't play cat and mouse. Let´s call your lawyer.

In fact, dreaming of a breathalyzer will force you to carry out a professional appointment. With it, you could recognize your easiness and to get ready correctly before the law by your mistakes. The dream could be a sign of healthy warning and on time.

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