Bubblegum Dream Meaning

Bubblegum in your Dreams

To chew the bubblegum in a dream represents to remember an action of your childhood innocence, feelings of nostalgia or a near concern like an adult. A bubblegum symbolizes fondness, complexity or guilt in particular toward any situation. If you dream of a bubblegum with flavor to mint or of green color you will remember with some friends the places that you visited in your childhood. To dream of a bubblegum with flavor to strawberry or of rosy color it is expressed your concern and edginess in some days for a family matter.

Now and then, dreaming of bubblegum can show a particular way of you to chew quick and energetic what can be omen of a personal alarm. Always you have in mind to observe this dream with a lot of calm to avoid something maybe serious that you have experienced previously.

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