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Butterfly in your Dreams

To dream of a butterfly indicates that you are always clever to take care of your family and the life at home. A butterfly symbolizes the imagination, the love, the pleasure, and the interior essence of the superior souls and of the deceased. Dreaming of a butterfly of many colors and of great size is expressed the serenity of your personality before some hard tests that come near. If you dream of a butterfly of color blue and small size you before a difficulty will remember to a person that always impelled you to change the attitude toward all challenge and problem. Now, to see a butterfly a lot of full shine or of intense color in your dream offers you the advice of having a constructive attitude on other people. It is as leaving everything clear so that it goes very guided for a next event

Dreaming of butterflies can be very satisfying and it may seem to us that these dreams represent positive issues. Because this insect has the ability to transform its physical condition, from being a caterpillar to a small animal with a very beautiful and attractive appearance. It is true that, in most cases, it bodes well, however, this is not always the case because there are scenes that can give us a negative connotation.

What does it mean to dream of butterfly flying between plants? It bodes well, because they represent prosperity and overabundance. That is, you will be compensated for all your hard work. You are going to modify many things in your life and everything you propose to do, you are going to achieve it. So, the future projects you have planned, will finally happen. Continue to work honestly and the production that lies ahead will never end.

What indications does it have to dream that you fly like a butterfly? This dream is related to freedom. In addition, it tells us the path of maturity you have reached. You came out of the shell and left the little things. Of course, that freedom you feel is internal, since you are still subject to the requests of those you love, such as your parents. But the experience you have lived has strengthened you and you are able to choose the right decisions before the trials we face.

What does it mean to dream of butterfly and touch their wings? Remember that butterfly wings are fragile and you can break them easily. So, the meaning of this dream is to encourage you to be very cautious and prudent with everyone around you. If you develop attitudes such as sarcasm, insensitivity and toughness, you will be hurting those you love the most.

What does it mean to dream of black butterfly? He's pointing out that your life is a bit dark and nonconforming. Because you have intended to help many, and currently, you have not received what you sowed. People don't pity you and lie to you when they tell you that they want to lend you a hand or that they suffer when they see your pain. Therefore, it is better to move away from those kinds of people and start from scratch to give color back to our heart.

What is the interpretation of dreaming of eating butterflies? If you dream of eating butterflies it is because you are receiving a message from the universe. In this dream, you are the butterfly and it means that there are many people who want to get everything you have. They are envious of your progress in life and will try to take away your possessions, profits, and products. This dream does not mean that they will achieve their goal, but they are warning us of what could happen in case we are not careful.

What message do we get from dreaming of dead butterflies? It is not all good to dream of dead butterflies. Because this reveals the dissatisfaction you feel for your way of life. You've shared your life with someone you stopped loving. So, you're fucking away from changing your destiny and taking another course. However, this will have consequences, it is preferable to accept what you have and value the good things that you do not yet have.

What idea does dreaming of looking at butterflies convey? Dreaming of butterflies and watching them fly represents the good discernment you have. Because you can perceive some situations that others don't see. Thanks to that quality, you can avoid problems and make wise decisions. Also, it means you are a very good person and that it is in your desire, to want to help others.

What message does dreaming of catching butterfly convey? If you have caught butterflies in your dreams, this indicates that you are a bit selfish, as you are taking away their freedom. This usually happens when you have entered into a loving relationship and cut with that person who loved you. Don't try to manipulate others into practicing whatever you want. Avoid that attitude, otherwise the next wings that will be cut off are your own.

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