Candle Dream Meaning

Candle in your Dreams

Dreaming of a candle of wax lit is represented a near moment of prosperity and wealth or the celebrate constant of the happiness and the peace. It is a confirmation of the achievements and the satisfaction in your work position and of the positive situation that you enjoy now. If you dreams of a candle of tallow very old you should look for your interior peace to take a calm life next to your family. To dream of a candle of paraffin modern and of very attractive colors expressed the consolidation of features in your person like the wisdom, the patience and the honesty.

Repeatedly, the dream about a candle points out a message when it is not lit and another message when yes it is. In the first case, it can indicate fear to the failure or not to be accepted by your fellow people; while in the second, it is something positive that denounces the obtaining of your objectives, your happiness or the fullness of your purposes.

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