Chastity Belt Dream Meaning

Chastity Belt in your Dreams

To see or to take a chastity belt in a dream represents an attitude safeguarding, the fear to something unknown or to feel the attraction to something not very common. A chastity belt symbolizes to wait something or to receive something correct, without questions and almost perfect. If you dream of a chastity belt on your bed you will check your personal things inside the house before to carry out commitments or to exercise your objectives. Dreaming of a chastity belt on the sofa of your house is advised to revise your bills or cards of expenses and credits to avoid debts annoying or not wanted.

Justly, the dream about a chastity belt can also indicate an idea or a moral principle of you it is antiquated or it is not adjusted to the reality that surrounds you. It could also reflect a very conservative action or an attitude of rejection of you with some relative, friend or near colleague.

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