Checkered Floors Dream Meaning

Checkered Floors in your Dreams

To dream of the checkered floors represents conflict, insecurity, controversy in next moments of the public or private life. The checkered floors symbolize confrontation; the intensity will be expressed by the colors that possess the squares. So, dreaming of the checkered floors of black and white squares of a great living room of a party is omened successful closing of the complex negotiation that have you worried a while ago. If you dream of the checkered floors of red and white squares in a similar place like your office you will face a strong sue of a rigid client in the incoming week.

Generally, the dream about the checkered floors alert of lost of patience or control before a sentimental situation of the life. Measure the duration of the moment of uncertainty; donĀ“t be surprise of anything. You are the teacher of your destiny, and the captain of your soul.

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