Cleopatra Dream Meaning

Cleopatra in your Dreams

To dream of Cleopatra is sign of distrust and of loving painful deceptions. Cleopatra's (attractive, ambitious, elegant and powerful woman for their word or economy) image represents the vicinity or a person's threat or action that it expresses use of power full with insensibility and decision to achieve its objectives; a dream that is related with the last of the Ptolemaic queens will be erotic and blinding, denouncing dark, uncontrollable and harmful actions of personal activities, of important elections or of tactical vital. Dreaming of Cleopatra the attention will be recaptured in all thing that another person doesn't want you to make.

Also, Cleopatra could reflect how you could bother other people friends to get a selfish benefit in the near future; so, you think all action or help that she requests from now on; you respect her fellow men and yourself permanently.

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