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Clothes in your Dreams

Dreaming of clothes is a very good omen, it means that good things will happen to you. Dreaming of very colorful clothes portends a desire to be more perfect or more special than other people. The white clothes in a dream symbolize wealth and easiness in your finances today. If you dream of blue clothes hanging of your clothier you will receive the report of your daughter's notes with incredible positive results. To dream of clothes of leaving means public recognition, obtaining of a wanted goal or to have a way of acting more attractive.

Dreaming of clothes piled up means that, probably, some conflicts are approaching that cannot be solved so easily. It is very possible that you are going to suffer a loss or a separation, so dreaming of piled up clothes is not positive at all. To dream that your clothes are too tight or close to your body indicates that you feel limited. You may feel tied down in your relationship or limited and held back in your work.

Clothing in dreams is a means by which your feelings of status are expressed in dreams. Have you dreamed of clothes and you don't know what it means? Do you want to know what your dreams reveal to you? Clothing is something that is essential for all of us and it is no longer just a simple way to cover our body, now clothing also has a very important meaning since through it we are able to show our feelings, our personality and even our social position.

Dreaming of a lot of dirty clothes tells us that we have some customs that we must change and adhere to a new one. It can also represent an aspect of your personality. Perhaps you do not have the best character and it is necessary to clean it, that is, remove that attitude that makes it impossible to see the rest of your good qualities. If you dream of dirty clothes it also means that you believe that someone is trying to harm you. This person would be doing everything possible to put your reputation into question and to make others believe that you are not a good person.

To dream that you are buying clothes or selling them represents your anguish and anxiety in trying to please everyone. If you dream that it rains and your clothes get wet, that you are on the street or somewhere and that the rain is soaking your clothes, it may mean that unexpected bad things are happening in your life, that negative news is coming that you did not expect.

Dreaming that you lose your clothes can be a dream that speaks of lack of protection, but you can also take advantage of it to renew your life. If you are wearing a school uniform or standard business attire in your dream, you may be feeling as if you are misunderstood or unheard. Nobody listens to your input, or else you do not contribute as much as you would like to. A uniform signifies that you are feeling like part of the pack, somebody who blends in with the crowd. The most common dreads are: clothes in a dream, symbolic meaning of clothes, seeing new clothes in dream, buying new clothes in dream, not finding clothes to wear, old clothes, clothes on the floor, dirty clothes, new clothing, used clothes, stacked clothing, old clothing. We prepare this video for you we hope you enjoy it.

Again and again, the dream about dirty clothes is reflective a superficial or vain attitude in future situations. Likewise, it alerts to avoid to be arrogant or to know everything before people that surround you.

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