Cloves Dream Meaning

Cloves in your Dreams

To dream of the cloves represents the feelings of trust or protection, of strong dependence to something that you enjoy vastly. The cloves symbolizes a premonition that somebody and he/she takes care of its backs, of a guarantee or copy of security that it assures him/her not to make errors inside the family or of character morals or ethical. If you dream of the cloves transported by the Indian people in the Route of the Silk you will demonstrate with simplicity the positive aspects of your personality like the friendship and the industry front of some colleagues that will work with you very soon. Dreaming of the cloves with rice and seasoned with curry and ginger is expressed for you system digestive without parasite and a healthy, vital and strong body at the present time.

Therefore, enjoy the scent and the strong pleasure of the cloves while you wait the materialization of the premonitions that offer it as coveted millennial species. This will stay you with a physique and a positive mind at peace right here and right now.

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