Coconut Tree Dream Meaning

Coconut Tree in your Dreams

To dream of a coconut tree or tree of the coconut represents a tropical palm tree that produces a fruit of symbolic high sense for the people of Oceania and Africa: the coconut. As palm tree a healthy, high and slender coconut tree symbolizes protection, prosperity and fecundity.

If in your dream you observe a coconut tree very seek, without leaves and deform it omens just the opposite. It would be a premonition for which you have to be in charge of to take a rest or to avoid a very big problem. If you dream of a coconut tree in healthy and splendid state you will wait a conflict that will strengthen it or a personal relaxed bond sexually.

Negatively, it could reflect the loss of your popularity or attractiveness for your negative before the solution of the problem of a colleague or to reject without courtesy to a person interested in you. If in your dream a coconut tree doesn't protect you of the sun or it bothers you it omens excessive enjoyment of relationship or harmful pleasure to your occupations of businesses and family. Then, maintain the necessary care. Be wise.

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