Cotton Balls Dream Meaning

Cotton Balls in your Dreams

To dream of cotton balls represents to assist and to solve matters of low complexity. The cotton balls symbolize actions of cleaning, hygiene or adjustment of simple tasks but that they require attention. If you dream of cotton balls on the sofa of your house and placed in disorder you will owe check the report cards of your children in this semester; you know, you will foot the bill. Dreaming of cotton balls thrown and used on the floor of your office it is omened a bad application of an idea or solution to a simple problem that it will be a real headache now.

This type of dream is a warning or alert to avoid bad worse. You will put all your interest in avoiding that a smaller problem ends up being very serious when solving it completely.

To dream of cotton ball represents the necessity to apply your own experiences in a difficult moment or to concentrate all your intelligence on an important project. On the other hand, a cotton ball also means the cleaning, the rectification or the cure of a relationship or situation that it requires of your attention. If you dream of cotton ball clean inside a basket of garbage you should be prepared to defend something valuable and forgotten in your work. Dreaming of cotton ball dirty on the sink of a bathroom seeks advice to apply the law of the least effort before an irreversible difficulty.

Just so, the dream about cotton ball has meant for many people cleaning or solution necessary and total of something complicated. However, you avoid being confident before this premonition and you remember all the details of this one to extract their message or advice.

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