Coward Dream Meaning

Coward in your Dreams

To dream that you or somebody is a coward it implies the reluctance of an employment or of an important position in your company and even as trainer of a sport local team. A coward symbolizes to recognize the aspects of the personality, the person's human quality and to stay faithful to it. If you dream of a coward that runs at night for a street you will take care of your properties with detail and a lot of seriousness. Dreaming of a coward that runs by day for a street is omened the arrival of a personal hard test before difficulties with your health or with the health of some member of the family.

In such a manner, with this dream you should stay or it is not allowed to lose the calm, the talent and dexterity with all your potentiality. To be calm and reflexive for all steps and the final decision that it will be the best and only to give thanks.

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