Decoy Dream Meaning

Decoy in your Dreams

A decoy in a dream means the attention to all the new and unknown that is manifested to you from right now. To dream of a decoy could symbolize distraction, deceit or lack of attention in the things or in the path of the life. If you dream of a decoy of fishing of very brilliant metal you will be very careful when pointing out or to indicate an election that will be carried out in your parish or county. Dreaming of a decoy of hunt of skin glistening and taken care it is expressed the possibility of a forgetfulness or distraction that it will be able to be very harmful for you.

Furthermore, the dream about a decoy often justifies mistakes but that they should be amended or rectified immediately. In a word, this premonition demands to specify the message and the help to put all the attention in that ignored or in what happens.

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