Defibrillator Dreams Interpretations and Meanings Explained

Defibrillator Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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To dream of a defibrillator indicates that you can be receiving a sudden and revitalizing gift. If in the dream you are the doctor that applies the defibrillator, you will assist as much your body as your soul for some physical or sentimental nuisance. Generally, dreaming of the defibrillator it symbolizes a help for the body and for the soul soon. If the treatment is for another person you will be interested in that person because that person needs your help in these moments.

Negatively, to dream of the defibrillator it express to study solutions or to examine the characteristics of a conflict before trying to solve it. If in the dream you see a person applying the defibrillator, you will be observed and criticized by their behavior and acts in a work meeting; also like medical equipment the desfibrilador symbolizes that you should be measured when speaking with people or inside a not very desirable conflict.

Defibrillator Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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