Dent Dream Meaning

Dent in your Dreams

To dream of the dent of your bicycle means the will of making good things or the matters that they need force and push to leave toward before with the clear mind and the clever heart. If you dreams of the dent of your car it reflects that you will be able to return to your gym to continue elevating your health and your quality of life. Dreaming of the dent of the roof of a bus is alerted a time of a lot of vitality in the face of the complexities of your work. A dent in the door of your house in a dream represents energy and nobility of your life, wanting to make absolutely without anything to change.

Incidentally, this type of dream puts attention or observation in hostile or annoying matters that stimulate the use of the force. In that case, go away and in front alone the tomorrow's fresh air or the first light of the day.

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