Disguise Dream Meaning

Disguise in your Dreams

To dream of a disguise represents a near festivity, cheerful news or information that it will allow you to stay near a situation or a person in your life. A disguise means to dominate your passions, to stop your bad habits or to accept the destination that it has kept your karma and dharma. If you dream of a disguise made for the carnivals of Venice you will support the barbecue of the colleagues and friends the next week. Dreaming of a disguise elaborated for the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro is expressed your total collaboration in the parties of your community of the present year.

In fact, the dream about a disguise denounces a lot of force, creativity and collaboration in all action, task or social activity around your person. Any conflict or debate will limit your desire to participate in a movement of your town or of knowing new friends.

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