Dormitory Dream Meaning

Dormitory in your Dreams

To dream that you are in a dormitory indicates the nostalgia of your time of studies and classes taking the enjoyment of your youth with the wisdom and the education in your life. The dormitory symbolizes the enjoyment of the companion, of the debate, of the truth, of the game and the study like important aspect of the day by day. If you dream of a dormitory located in the summit of a mountain you will have an invitation of your study colleagues to celebrate an encounter in the social community center. Dreaming of a dormitory empty and abandoned is omened the illness or the loss of a colleague of your student time.

Currently, the dream about a dormitory stimulates to take the best in those moments like the force in the ideas and in the truth to learn of everything. You will be able to feel nostalgia but you will remember those moments of the life with love.

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