Dow Jones Dream Meaning

Dow Jones in your Dreams

Dreaming of the Dow Jones Average is represented your desires or intentions of to possess an own business or to reach an independence economic total on other people, be friends or colleagues. The Dow Jones Average means a goal, a possibility or a very clear intention and sign in a person. If you dream of the Dow Jones Average appreciated in the closing of the stock exchange by television you will reflect the happiness of being approved as stockbroker in an important city. To dream of the Dow Jones Average that possesses an important newspaper it points out your level of trust in your yield like operative or professional expert.

Therefore, this dream points out or guides the road of the success of your efforts to arrive to where you want to arrive next to your family. This should not obsess you since to take this premonition with a big passion it can be harmful for your health or for your social life.

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