Earlobe Dream Meaning

Earlobe in your Dreams

To dream of the earlobe indicates vicinity of a love affair or high interest of the libido or of the sexual energy latent. The earlobe symbolizes passion, lasciviousness and loving venture uncontrolled and insecure. If you dream of the earlobe of a person well-know and that you adore you will manifest desire of being guided by curiosity to the sexual attractiveness of a person. Dreaming of the earlobe of a person not know and that you admire like a angel is omened a love affair amazing and completely passionate in some days.

Generally, the appearance of an earlobe in a dream of type long and fleshy indicates a potential of passion and limitless imagination sexually. Don't worry if the earlobe is short and thin because it represents the good pleasure and the refinement of the sexual in the person.

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