Eggplant Dream Meaning

Eggplant in your Dreams

Eggplant in the dream is a symbol of prosperity and success. Typically, a dream in which you could see the eggplant is regarded as an auspicious sign. If you have had problems in real life, it will be solved; if you have suffered from lack of money, you will get a large sum of money; if you had been depressed by solitude you will find a life partner.

To see or eat eggplants in your dream signify satisfaction with where you life is at. It may indicate abundance or fertility. Due to the abundance that the dream entails, you are likely to incur jealousy and hard feelings from others who believe you are undeserving of such fortune. Below are more detailed eggplant dream interpretations.

In your dream you grown eggplant, it means that all your dreams will come true, and all undertakings will be successful. However, if you buy eggplant at the market, it means that you will have to pay a lot for your success. If you dream that you cook something out of eggplant, it means that in life you are rather goal-seeking and you have the ability to finish all your undertakings. If a man treats you with eggplants, it is better to do a pregnancy test, because it is possible that you will soon become a mother. If a man eats eggplant in a dream, it means that he will soon become a father of a boy.

Rotten eggplants in the dream may also indicate that you are dissatisfied with your intimate life. A dream in which you are sell eggplants in a market, is a sign that the soon you will be visited by distant relatives. Most likely, they will live with you for a relatively long period of time. To dream that eggplant has spoiled on sun, means separation from a loved one or even, break up. In order to save a relationship, you need to demonstrate a lot of patience and tact. If you see or eat aubergine paste in your dream, it means that someone will present a pleasant gift to you.

Buying eggplants in the dream suggest that you will be paying and showing off your success in wealth. You love when people are envious of your good fortune. Growing eggplants foretells that all of your dreams will come true. Particularly, someone will gift you with certain presents or gifts that fulfill your wishes, and you will feel wonderful after receiving such good fortune. Dreaming about cooking eggplants suggests that you will take goal-seeking actions, you strive to finish your undertakings. The dream suggests that you will be eventually satisfied with your life’s longings. To dream about cutting and chopping eggplants into smaller pieces, indicates that you will be hit with unexpected and unpleasant household chores.

To see an eggplant that is growing in the garden means that you will feel wonderful about some events. If you dreamed of eggplant in a salad, it means that you might need the help of loved ones. Basically it is unknown whether you will get it or not. If you dreamed of eggplant growing in a field, it means that you will receive a present which will please you greatly. If you see that you collect eggplant, it means that the results of started business will be impressive. If you dream that you cut the eggplant, be ready for unexpected pleasant household chores.

To see a plate or a dish with eggplant on the table, it means that you should prepare to a feast or the arrival of guests. Also it means that you will be lucky in any sphere of live, but if you get used to it, you might lose it; so never lose vigilance. If such dream is seen by a married man, he will divorce and will need to encounter division of property in court.

Seeing frozen eggplants in the dream, indicates that you will suffer a short term period lacking money. However, you will discover that you have had money stashed somewhere else. Perhaps a considered dead investment springing back into profitable trade. If you are harvesting eggplant in the dream, it portends that you will receive good fortune and profits from your businesses. It will give you a great sense of satisfaction of benefiting from your work. Eating eggplants in the dream suggests that you will grow more satisfied with your life. You will make the abundant life style a way of how you live your life. However, be aware of alienating your current social circle because of your increasingly abundant life. To dream of receiving an eggplant as a gift, suggests that someone you know or yourself may be pregnant with a baby.

Seeing rotten eggplants in dreams indicate that you are dissatisfied with your intimate life. You may suffer long separation from your loved ones, that may cause eventual break up. Selling eggplants in dreams suggest that you will be visited by distant relatives, they may stay with you for a long time due to your wealthy and well-off lifestyle. The dream foretells that their arrival will take away major satisfaction in your life. Dreaming about having eggplant salad, reflects that you will need the help of loved ones. With their help, you will achieve a much satisfying and full filling life full of positive thoughts and energy.

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