Electrocution Dream Meaning

Electrocution in your Dreams

To dream of an electrocution represents to apply justice, to harm irreversible or to remove what the Divine grants. An electrocution symbolizes to finish something without pardon or it cures and relief for everybody who doesn't forgive. Dreaming of an electrocution in an electric seat of an unknown person is alerted to manage the form in that you will apply the measures to clean up to your company carefully starting from tomorrow. If you dream of an electrocution in an electric seat of a well-known person you will revise your personal attitude with each person that knows or contact diary, avoiding the hate or the exclusion.

On the other hand, this kind of dream stimulates the human being to be more open and more defined with the whole humankind than it surrounds you. It doesn't say that you leave to be professional or serious with colleagues and friends before negligence not wanted.

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